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Preschool & Child Nutrition Consultant

Judy Prager, RDN, CDN

As a child care provider you have alot of influence on the children you serve.  Serving healthy food in appropriate portions and encouraging physical activity will lead children on the road to healthy adulthood and minimize the risk of childhood obesity.


Studies have shown that children who eat well learn better, and isn't that a goal of all child care programs?


  • Head Start, CACFP & NAEYC compliance assistance

  • Policy and Procedure development for nutrition and physical activity standards

  • CACFP trainings

  • Nutrition care planning for children with special dietary needs

  • Menu development- View Sample Menu

  • Parent & Staff nutrition education

  • Food allergy safety

  • Food safety training

Veggiecation Educator

Promoting Vegetables Through Culinary Nutrition Education

Veggiecation is an evidence based culinary nutrition education program that introduces young children to the delicious and nutritious world of vegetables.


It is a fun and interactive nutrition and cooking class which can be 30 to 60 minutes in length.  Veggiecation offers simple nutrition information in a way that is relevant to young bodies and minds.


A great program for Preschools, Grade Schools, Scouts, After School Programs, and Birthday Parties.


Find out more about Veggiecation by going to their website:


Judy is a Certified Veggiecation Educator.

Schedule classes directly thru:

         Well Fed Connecticut

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