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Expert Nutrition Advice for Your Specific Dietary Needs, Weight Loss or General Good Health

Well Fed for Life has the answer for you!


  • Have you been diagnosed with a disease or food allergy that will require you to change your diet?


  • Are you looking to eat better and cook healthier?


  • Are you confused when grocery shopping about what to buy with all the choices available?


  • Do you need to lose weight but don't know where to start?


It's a six week personalized foodstyle makeover.


Meet with a nutrition expert in your home who will help you with your specific dietary needs, weight loss or general good health.


Program includes a review of your kitchen, menu development, recipe makeovers and a trip to the grocery store to learn to read labels and identify good food choices for you.


Nutrition and Culinary
Education Programs

Individual Nutrition Counseling


Have you just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, food allergies or are you looking to lose weight?

One on one nutrition counseling in your home at your conenvience.




Nutrition Presentations


Is your office, civic group, religious organization or PTO looking for a presentation on nutrition?  Judy can provide an informative and interactive nutrition program for your group. Pick from one of her topics or choose one of your own.





Cooking Classes


One on one or for a group  Judy can teach you anything from grilling fruits and vegetables, to cooking low fat to incorpoating more beans and grains into your diet.  No kitchen necessary for these presentations.  Classes could be taught as demonstrations  or interactive classes.



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